Share capital

Share capital

What is share capital? Share capital is equity divided into shares of a company. It is the capital stipulated in the company agreement or articles of association. A company’s share capital is the amount at which a company has issued or can issue shares to shareholders. Share capital is also part of a company’s liabilities. Liabilities are debts …

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Fixed-term employment contract

Fixed-term employment contract

Whereas fixed-term employment contracts used to be the exception, they seem to have become the rule. A fixed-term employment contract is also called a temporary employment contract. Such an employment contract is concluded for a limited period. It is often concluded for six months or a year. In addition, this contract can also be concluded …

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Is a pension scheme mandatory?

Is a pension scheme mandatory?

Yes and no! The main rule is that an employer is not obliged to offer a pension scheme to employees. In addition, in principle, employees are not obliged to participate in a pension scheme provided by the employer. In practice, however, there are many situations where this main rule does not apply, leaving an employer …

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What are the employer's obligations under the Working Conditions Act?

What are the employer’s obligations under the Working Conditions Act?

Every employee of a company must be able to work safely and healthily. The Working Conditions Act (further abbreviated as Arbowet) is part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which consists of rules and guidelines to promote a safe working environment. The Working Conditions Act contains obligations with which employers and employees must comply. …

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When does a claim expire?

When does a claim expire?

If you want to collect an outstanding debt after a long time, there may be a risk that the debt is time-barred. Claims for damages or claims may also be time-barred. How does prescription work, what are limitation periods, and when do they start to run?  What is a limitation of a claim? A claim is time-barred if the creditor …

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What is a claim?

What is a claim?

A claim is simply a demand someone has on another, i.e., a person or company. A claim often consists of a money claim, but it can also be a claim for a give or make a claim from undue payment or a claim for damages. A creditor is a person or company that is owed a …

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Employee obligations during illness

Employee obligations during illness

Employees have certain obligations to fulfill when they become ill and are sick. A sick employee must report sick, provide certain information and comply with further regulations. When absenteeism occurs, both employer and employee have rights and obligations. In outline, these are the primary obligations of the employee: The employee must report sick to the …

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Goods legally viewed Image

Goods legally viewed

When talking about property in the legal world, it often has a different meaning than you are usually used to. Goods include things and property rights. But what does this actually mean? You can read more about this in this blog. Goods The subject property includes goods and property rights. Goods can be divided into …

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Changes in employment law

Changes in employment law

The labour market is constantly changing due to various factors. One is the needs of employees. These needs create friction between employer and employees. This causes the rules of labour law to have to change along with them. As of 1 August 2022, a number of important changes have been introduced within labour law. Through …

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Additional sanctions against Russia Image

Additional sanctions against Russia

After seven sanctions packages introduced by the government against Russia, an eighth sanctions package has now also been introduced on 6 October 2022. These sanctions come on top of measures imposed against Russia in 2014 for annexing Crimea and failing to implement the Minsk agreements. The measures focus on economic sanctions and diplomatic measures. The …

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Obtaining Dutch nationality

Obtaining Dutch nationality

Do you want to come to the Netherlands to work, study or stay with your family/partner? A residence permit can be issued if you have a legitimate purpose of stay. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) issues residence permits for both temporary and permanent residence depending on your situation. After continuous legal residence in the …

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Knowledge migrant Image

Knowledge migrant

Would you like a highly educated foreign employee to come to the Netherlands to work for your company? That is possible! In this blog, you can read about the conditions under which a highly skilled migrant can work in the Netherlands. Knowledge migrants with free access It should be noted that knowledge migrants from certain …

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I want to seize! Image

I want to seize!

You have made a large delivery to one of your customers, but the buyer does not pay the amount due. What can you do? In these cases, you can have the buyer’s goods seized. However, this is subject to certain conditions. In addition, there are different types of seizures. In this blog, you will read …

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Quick divorce: how do you do it?

Quick divorce: how do you do it?

Divorce is almost always an emotionally difficult event. However, how a divorce proceeds can make all the difference. Ideally, everyone would like to get the divorce over with as quickly as possible. But how do you do that? Tip 1: Prevent arguments with your ex-partner The most important tip when it comes to divorcing quickly …

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Help, I am arrested Image

Help, I am arrested

When you are stopped as a suspect by an investigating officer, he has the right to establish your identity so that he knows who he is dealing with. However, the arrest of a suspect can occur in two ways, red-handed or not red-handed. Red-handed Have you been discovered in the act of committing a criminal …

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When is a lawyer required?

When is a lawyer required?

You have received a summons and must soon appear before the judge who will rule on your case or you may want to start a procedure yourself. When is hiring a lawyer to assist you in your legal dispute a choice and when is hiring a lawyer mandatory? The answer to this question depends on …

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What does a lawyer do? image

What does a lawyer do?

Damage suffered at the hands of someone else, arrested by the police or wanting to stand up for your own rights: various cases in which the assistance of a lawyer is certainly not an unnecessary luxury and in civil cases even an obligation. But what exactly does a lawyer do and why is it important …

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temporary contract

Transition compensation for an employment contract: How does it work?

Under certain circumstances, an employee whose employment contract ends is entitled to a legally determined compensation. This is also referred to as transition payment, which is intended to facilitate the transition to another job or for possible training. But what are the rules regarding this transition payment: when is the employee entitled to it and …

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Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in the Netherlands

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in the Netherlands

Can a judgment rendered abroad be recognized and/or enforced in the Netherlands? This is a frequently asked question in legal practice that regularly deals with international parties and disputes. The answer to this question is not unequivocal. The doctrine of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments is quite complex due to various laws and regulations. …

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What is a legal merger?

What is a legal merger?

That a share merger involves a transfer of shares of the merging companies is clear from the name. The term asset merger is also telling, because certain assets and liabilities of a company are taken over by another company. The term legal merger refers to the only legally regulated form of merger in the Netherlands. …

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