Protection of privacy rights becomes increasingly important in our present society. This can for a large part be attributed to digitalization, a development in which information is more often processed in a digital form. Unfortunately, digitalization also entails risks. In order to safeguard our privacy, privacy regulations are established.


Media Lawyer

The term media covers newspapers, television, radio and the internet. It can happen that you or your company appear in the media unwittingly and in a negative manner. In our modern world where information is shared and stored online, this can keep chasing you. It is therefore important to take the right measures if you are experiencing media problems.

Media law includes different fields of law. Particular attention may be focused on copyright law, privacy law and portrait rights. In answering the question whether a publication is unlawful, your right to protection of honor and reputation must be weighed against the right of freedom of expression.

In case of electronic defamation, it is important that the evidence is recorded correctly. In the event of an unlawful email, it is important that this email is kept in electronic form. Furthermore, it is possible to record evidence on This ensures that you have sound proof.

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