For everyone, a divorce is a major event. That is why our divorce lawyers are at your service with personal advice. The first step in a divorce is to call in a divorce lawyer. A divorce is pronounced by the judge and only a lawyer may submit an application for the divorce to the court.


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For everyone, a divorce is a major event. That is why our divorce lawyers are at your service with personal advice.

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The first step in a divorce is to call in a divorce lawyer. A divorce is pronounced by the judge and only a lawyer may submit an application for the divorce to the court. There are various legal aspects to divorce proceedings on which the judge will pass judgment. Examples of these legal aspects are:

• How are your joint assets distributed?
• Is your ex-partner entitled to a part of your pension?
• What about the tax consequences of your divorce?
• Is your partner entitled to partner alimony?
• If so, what is the amount of alimony per month?
• And if you have children, how are matters concerning the children handled?
• How is child support arranged?

Our divorce lawyers support you

There are some aspects to the settlement of a divorce. A divorce lawyer from Law & More can assist and guide you in arranging these aspects as well as possible. Our lawyers are specialised in the field of family law. Are you curious what we can do for you? Then please contact Law & More.

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Why choose Law & More?

Easily accessible

Easily accessible

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Good and fast communication

Good and fast communication

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Personal approach

Personal approach

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Our divorce lawyers have a personal approach and will work with you to find suitable solutions for the future. We look at every legal aspect and strive to achieve the best possible result for you.

Topics that we can help you with are:

• Divorce covenant;
• Parenting plan;
• Prenuptial agreement;
• Distribution of joint assets;
• Child alimony;
• Partner alimony;
• Children’s rights of access;
• Pension;
• Debts;
• Fiscal consequences.

In need of a divorce lawyer?

Child support

Child support

A divorce has a big impact on children. Therefore, we attach great value to the interests of your children

Request divorce

Request divorce

We have a personal approach and we work together with you towards a suitable solution

Partner alimony

Partner alimony

Are you going to pay or receive alimony? And how much? We guide and help you with this

Live separately

Live separately

Do you want to live separate? We assist you

An appointment with the divorce lawyer? This is how you prepare!

You and your partner have made the decision. You’re getting a divorce. But what’s next? The first important step after this far-reaching decision is to call in a divorce lawyer. After all, when a divorce is settled, not only various practical but also legal issues arise: What will happen to your joint home and the mortgage resting, for example? How will the distribution of your savings and bank accounts be arranged? And who will take care of the daily or financial care of your children? In order to be able to help you as much as possible with arranging and recording all the legal issues surrounding the divorce, it is important that your divorce lawyer has all the necessary information and documentation.

Information about the appointment

While preparing for the meeting with your divorce lawyer, it is important that you discuss a number of important issues with your ex-partner. How do you see the future after the divorce regarding your joint home, the financial situation and your possible children? Should there be already an agreement before the appointment, for example regarding the house or the daily care for and contact with your children, then a joint divorce lawyer can easily and quickly record these agreements in a divorce agreement and a parenting plan.

Is it not possible to discuss and make joint arrangements with your ex-partner? Then you can call in your own divorce lawyer who will strive to achieve the best possible result for you. In that case, it is still advisable, in preparation for the meeting with your divorce lawyer, to ask yourself which important issues you would like to settle and in what way. For example, would you like to continue living in the house and take care of your children daily? In that case the divorce lawyer can tell you exactly what can and should be arranged and how to realize these arrangements.

• Are you a individual person?
• Do you need legal advice?
• Do you want a clear insight into your legal position?

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Our divorce lawyers support you

Which documents should I bring?

It is important to collect some important documents and bring them to your appointment with the divorce lawyer. First of all, you need to bring your marriage book or cohabitation agreement and possibly a deed with the prenuptial agreement. This documentation provides the lawyer with insight into yours and your ex-partners the legal position and forms the starting point for further agreements. Do you and your ex-partner have a (rented) house together? If so, you will also need to bring your mortgage deed or rental agreement with you to the meeting. Your financial situation is also relevant in the context of the divorce. You can provide your divorce lawyer with an overview of your bank accounts and/or savings accounts, annual statements and the last three income tax returns. And finally, information about your pensions, insurances and any debts you may have entered is also important.

Divorce and children

When children are involved, it is important that their needs are also considered. We make sure that these needs are taken into account as much as possible in the regulation. Our divorce lawyers can draw up a parenting plan together with you in which the distribution of the care over your children after the divorce is determined. We can also calculate the amount of child alimony to be paid or received.

Are you already divorced and do you have a conflict about, for example, compliance with the partner or child alimony? Or do you have reason to believe that your ex-partner now has enough financial resources to take care of himself or herself? Our divorce lawyers can also provide you with legal assistance in such cases.

Own company and divorce

Do you have your own company and are you getting divorced? Then you have to take into account extra aspects. Questions that our divorce lawyers will analyse together with you include:

• Do you have shares?
• Do these shares belong to the community of property?
• What happens to your own company?
• What are the consequences of the separation for your own company?
• What are the tax consequences?

Our divorce lawyers have knowledge of both family law and the entrepreneurial know-how and are therefore ideally placed to provide you with legal and tax assistance in these cases. Do you need a divorce lawyer? Contact Law & More.

Personal approach and guidance

While we recommend some preparation before consulting with your divorce lawyer, we at Law & More understand that a divorce is a far-reaching event in your life and that you may not be able to envision and concretise your future directly after the divorce. That is why Law & More’s divorce lawyers have a personal approach and together with you and possibly your ex-partner we will determine your legal situation during the conversation based on the documentation. We will map out your vision and your wishes for the future. The divorce lawyers of Law & More are experts in the field of persons and family law and are happy to guide you, possibly together with your partner, through the divorce process.

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