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Intellectual Property Lawyer

In order to prevent other people from using your work, the intellectual property law offer the opportunity to protect your developed ideas and creative concepts. This means that your creations may only be used with your permission. This is especially important in our rapidly changing and innovative society.

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Would you like to know more about intellectual property law? The specialists at Law & More can provide you with legal assistance if you wish to protect your ideas or creations. If you contact us, we will assist you in the registration of intellectual property and we will act on your behalf against any infringers. Our expertise in the field of intellectual property law is:

  • Copyright;
  • Trademarks;
  • Patents and patents;
  • Trade names.

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Intellectual property rights

Copyright lawyer

Copyright lawyer

Are you the owner of a book, film, music, painting, photo or sculpture? Get in contact with us.

Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Do you wish to register your product or service? We can help you.

Apply for a patent Image

Apply for a patent

Are you the owner of an invention? Arrange a patent.

Trade names

Trade names

We help you register your trade name.

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Intellectual property

If you are an inventor, designer, developer or author, you can protect your work through intellectual property law. Intellectual property law ensures that others may not use your creations unless you give permission to do so. This gives you the opportunity to recoup your investments in the development of a product. In order to obtain protection, it is important that you have a detailed idea. An idea alone is not enough, as it can be worked out in several ways. When you have a developed idea, our lawyers can record your intellectual property in different ways. There are different types of intellectual property law, which can be used separately or in combination.

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Our Intellectual Property lawyers are ready to assist you:

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The various property rights

There are different types of intellectual property laws, the nature, scope and duration of which vary from one property right to another. Sometimes several intellectual property rights can be registered at the same time. Law & More’s expertise in the field of intellectual property law includes copyright, trademark law, patents and patents and trade names. By contacting Law & More you can ask about the possibilities.


Copyright protects the creator’s works and gives the creator the right to publish, reproduce and protect his work from misuse by third parties. The term ‘work’ includes books, films, music, paintings, photographs and sculptures. Although copyright does not need to be applied for, as it occurs automatically when a work is created, it is advisable to have the copyright recorded. In order to establish the right, you can always prove that the work existed on a certain date. Would you like to register your copyright and protect your work against persons who infringe your copyright? Please contact the lawyers at Law & More.

Trademark law

Trademark law makes it possible to register your trademark, so that no one can use your name without your permission. A trademark right is only confirmed if you register the trademark in the trademark register. Law & More’s lawyers will be happy to help you with this. If your trademark has been registered and used without your permission, this is a trademark infringement. Your Law & More lawyer will then be able to help you take action against the infringers.

Patents and patents

Once you have developed an invention, technical product or process, you can apply for a patent. The patent ensures that you have the exclusive right to your invention, product or process. In order to apply for a patent, you must meet four requirements:

  • It must be an invention;
  • The invention must be new;
  • There must be an inventive step. This means that your invention must be innovative and not just a small improvement on an existing product;
  • Your invention must be industrially applicable.

Law & More checks that you meet all the requirements and helps you apply for a patent.

Trade names

A trade name is the name under which a company is run. A trade name can be the same as a brand name, but that is not always the case. Trade names can be protected by registering them with the Chamber of Commerce. Competitors are not allowed to use your trade name. Trade names that are confusingly similar to your trade name are also not permitted. However, this protection is regionally bound. Companies in another region may use a similar or the same name. However, a trade name can be given extra protection by also registering it as a trademark. The lawyers at Law & More will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Are you looking for an intellectual property lawyer? Please contact Law & More. We can help you to establish your rights and support you when your rights are infringed.

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