General Conditions

1. Law & More B.V., established at Eindhoven, the Netherlands (hereinafter referred to as “Law & More”) is a limited liability company, established under Dutch law with the goal of practicing the legal profession.

2. These general conditions apply to all assignments of client, unless agreed otherwise in writing prior to the conclusion of the assignment. The applicability of the general purchasing conditions or other general conditions used by client is expressly excluded.

3. All assignments of client will be exclusively accepted and carried out by Law & More. The applicability of article 7:407 paragraph 2 Dutch Civil Code is explicitly excluded.

4. Law & More carries out assignments in accordance with the rules of conduct of the Dutch Bar Association and, in accordance with these rules, undertakes not to disclose any information provided by the client in connection with the assignment.

5. If in connection with the tasks assigned to Law & More third parties have to be involved, Law & More will consult client in advance. Law & More is not responsible for shortcomings of any kind of these third parties and is entitled to accept, without prior written consultation and on behalf of client, a possible limitation of liability on the part of the third parties engaged by Law & More.

6. Any liability is limited to the amount that will be paid out in that particular case under the professional liability insurance of Law & More, increased by the deductible excess under this insurance. When, for whatever reason, no payment is made under the professional liability insurance, any liability is limited to an amount of € 5,000.00. Upon request, Law & More can provide information on the (coverage under the) professional liability insurance as taken out by Law & More. Client indemnifies Law & More and holds Law & More harmless against claims of third parties in connection with the assignment.

7. For the performance of the assignment, the client owes Law & More a fee (plus VAT). The fee is calculated on the basis of the number of hours worked multiplied by the applicable hourly rate. Law & More reserves the right to periodically adjust her hourly rates.

8. Objections to the amount of the invoice must be motivated in writing and submitted to Law & More within 30 days after the invoice date, failing which the invoice will be accepted definitively and without protest.

9. Law & More is subject to the Dutch Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft). If an assignment falls within the scope of the Wwft, Law & More will conduct a client due diligence. If an (intended) unusual transaction within the context of the Wwft occurs, then Law & More is obliged to report this to the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit. Such reports are not disclosed to the client.

10. Dutch law applies to the relationship between Law & More and client.

11. In the event of a dispute, the Dutch court in Oost-Brabant will have jurisdiction, on the understanding that Law & More remains entitled to submit disputes to the court that would have jurisdiction if this choice of forum would not have been made.

12. Any right of the client to make claims against Law & More, shall lapse in any event within one year after the date on which the client became aware or could reasonably have known of the existence of these rights.

13. Invoices of Law & More will be sent to client by email or by regular mail and payment must take place within 14 days after the invoice date, failing which client is legally in default and obliged to pay a default interest of 1% per month, without any formal notice being required. For the work performed by Law & More, interim payments may be invoiced at any time. Law & More is entitled to request the payment of an advance. If client fails to pay the invoiced amounts timely, Law & More is entitled to suspend her work immediately, without being obliged to pay any damages resulting therefrom.

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