Divorce without cooperation

Divorce without partner’s cooperation: your guide to a smooth settlement

Starting a divorce is never easy, especially when your partner decides not to cooperate. You want a divorce, but your partner disagrees. This can happen for various reasons, such as disagreements about the divorce or situations where communication has completely broken down. Nevertheless, you can proceed with the divorce without their consent. You and a lawyer file a unilateral petition with the court to do this.

A unilateral divorce can feel like facing a mountain of legal challenges alone. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this process alone. Law & More offers the expertise and support to put this difficult period behind you.

Legal steps in a unilateral divorce

Engage a lawyer:
The first step is to engage an experienced divorce lawyer. Our lawyers can guide you through the process and ensure your interests are paramount. 

Filing the petition:
Your lawyer will file a petition for divorce with the court. This will state that you wish to divorce and why. Issues such as alimony, division of property, and arrangements regarding the children may also be included.

Service of the petition:
The petition must be officially served on your (former) partner. This means that a bailiff must personally hand the document to him or her.

Partner’s response:
Your (former) partner can respond to the petition by filing a statement of defense.

Court hearing:
The judge will hear both parties before making a decision.

Outcome and conclusion

Once the judge has pronounced the divorce, it must be registered in the civil registry. From then on, you are officially divorced.

Common challenges

Emotional stress: divorce is often emotionally stressful. It is important to seek support from friends, family, or a therapist.

Legal complications: the legal aspects of a unilateral divorce can be complex. Rely on your lawyer’s expertise to navigate through these complications. 

Why choose Law & More?

A unilateral divorce, also known as a divorce without a partner, presents specific challenges, but with the right legal support and preparation, you can take this step. Our lawyers are ready to guide you every step of the way and ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible:

Personal attention: we understand that every situation is unique and offer tailor-made solutions to suit your specific circumstances.

Thorough preparation: we ensure that all your legal documents are complete and accurate so that you are strong in your case.

Professional representation: our lawyers have extensive experience in the courtroom and will keep your interests at the forefront. 

At Law & More, we understand how complex and challenging a divorce process can be. We offer expert legal advice and personal, committed support to guide you through this process. Do you have any questions or want immediate advice? If so, please get in touch with us.

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