Netherlands: someone has received a passport without…

For the first time in the Netherlands someone has received a passport without a gender designation. Ms. Zeegers does not feel like a man and does not feel like a woman. Earlier this year, the court of Limburg decided that gender is not a matter of sexual characteristics but of gender identity. Therefore, Ms. Zeegers is the first person who gets a neutral ‘X’ in her passport. This ‘X’ replaces the ‘V’ that formerly indicated her gender.

Ms. Zeegers started her fight for a gender-neutral passport ten years ago:

‘The statement ‘female’ did not feel right. It is legal distorted reality that is not right when you look at the natural reality. The nature has put me on this earth neutral’.

The fact that Zeegers got an ‘X’ on her passport does not mean that everyone can get an ‘X’. Everyone who does not want to have a ‘M’ or a ‘V’ on the passport will have to enforce this individually before the court.

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