Traveler better protected against bankruptcy from travel provider

For many people it will a nightmare: the holiday that you have worked so hard for the entire year is cancelled due to bankruptcy of the travel provider. Fortunately, the chance of this happening to you has been reduced by the implementation of new legislation. On July 1, 2018, new rules came into effect, as a result of which travelers are more often protected in case their travel provider goes bankrupt. Until these new legislation came into force, only consumers who booked a travel package were protected against bankruptcy of the travel provider. However, in today’s society travelers are more often compiling their journey themselves, merging elements from different travel providers into one journey. The new rules anticipate this development by also protecting travelers who compose their journey themselves against the bankruptcy of the travel provider(s). In some cases, even business travelers fall within the scope of this protection. The new rules apply to all journeys that are booked on or after July 1, 2018. Please note: this protection only applies to the bankruptcy of the travel provider and does not apply in case of delay or strikes.

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