Many people sign a contract without understanding the contents

Sign a contract without actually understanding its contents

Research shows that many people sign a contract without actually understanding its contents. In most cases this concerns rent or purchase contracts, employment contracts and termination contracts. The reason for not understanding contracts can often be found in the use of language; contracts often contain many legal terms and official language is used regularly. In addition, it appears that a lot of people do not read a contract properly before signing it. Especially the ‘small print’ is frequently forgotten. As a result, people are not aware of any potential ‘catches’ and legal problems can occur. These legal problems could often have been prevented if people understood the contract properly. Very often, contracts that can have major consequences are involved. Therefore, it is very important that you understand the entire contents of the contract before you sign. You can obtain legal advice in order to achieve this. Law & More will be happy to assist you with your contracts.

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