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Living together with your partner in the Netherlands

‘’Law & More helps and guides you and your partner with all steps of the application procedure for a residence permit.’’

Do you want to live in the Netherlands together with your partner? In that case you will need a residence permit. In order to qualify for a residence permit, you and your partner will have to meet several requirements. There are several general and specific requirements that are applicable.

Several general requirements

The first general requirement is that you and your partner both need to have a valid passport. You will also need to fill in an antecedent’s declaration. In this declaration you will declare, among other things, that you did not commit any criminal offences in the past. In some cases, you will have to participate in research for tuberculosis after arrival in the Netherlands. This depends on your situation and nationality. In addition, you will both have to be 21 years of age or older.

Several specific requirements

One of the specific requirements is that your partner needs to have sufficient income that is independent and long-term. The income must usually at least equal the statutory minimum wage. Sometimes a different income requirement applies, this depends on your situation. This condition does not apply if your partner has reached the AOW pension age, if your partner is permanently and fully unfit to work or if your partner is permanently unable to meet the requirement for labour participation.

Another important specific requirement that the Dutch Immigration- and Naturalisation Service maintains, is passing the civic integration examination abroad. Only if you are exempt from taking this examination, you do not have to take the exam. Do you want to know if you are exempt from taking the exam, what the costs are for taking the exam and how you can sign up for the exam? Contact us for information.

How does the application procedure work?

First of all, all the required documents and information will need to be collected, legalized and translated (if necessary). Once all the required documents have been collected, the application for a residence permit can be submitted.

In most situations, a special visa is needed in order to be able to travel to the Netherlands and to stay for more than 90 days. This special visa is called a Regular Provisional Residence Permit (a mvv). This is a sticker which will be put in your passport by the Dutch Representation. It is dependent on your nationality if you need a mvv.

If you need a mvv, an application for a residence permit and a mvv can be submitted in one go. If you do not need a mvv, an application for only a residence permit can be submitted.

After submitting the application, the Dutch Immigration- and Naturalisation Service will check whether you and your partner meet all the requirements or not. A decision will be made within a period of 90 days.


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