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When you entrust our law firm with the representation of your interests, we will lay this down in an assignment agreement. This agreement describes the terms and conditions we have discussed with you. These relate to the work we will perform for you, our fee, the reimbursement of expenses and the application of our general terms and conditions. In the execution of the assignment agreement, the applicable regulations, including the rules of the Netherlands Bar Association, are taken into account. Your assignment will be carried out by the lawyer with whom you are in contact, on the understanding that this lawyer may have parts of his work carried out under his responsibility and supervision by one of the other lawyers, legal counsels or advisers. In doing so, the lawyer will act in a manner that can be expected of a competent and reasonably acting lawyer. During this process, your lawyer will keep you informed of developments, progress, and changes in your case. Unless otherwise agreed, we will, as far as possible, present the correspondence to be transmitted to you in draft form, with the request to inform us whether you agree with its contents.

You are free to terminate the contract of assignment prematurely. We will send you a final declaration based on the hours spent. If a fixed fee has been agreed and work has started, this fixed fee or part of it, will unfortunately not be refunded.

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It depends on the assignment how the financial arrangements will be made. Law & More is prepared to estimate or indicate the costs associated with the assignment in advance. This can sometimes result in a fixed fee agreement. We take the financial position of our clients into account and are always willing to think along with our clients. The costs of our legal services that are long-term and based on an hourly rate are charged periodically. We may ask for an advance payment at the start of the work. This is to cover the initial costs. This advance payment will be settled later. If the number of hours worked is less than the amount of the advance payment, the unused part of the advance payment will be refunded. 

You will always receive a clear specification of the hours spent and work carried out. You can always ask your lawyer for an explanation. The agreed hourly fee is described in the assignment confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed, the amounts mentioned are exclusive of VAT. You may also owe costs such as court registry fees, bailiff fees, excerpts, travel and accommodation expenses and shipping costs. These so-called out-of-pocket expenses will be charged to you separately. In cases lasting longer than one year, the agreed rate can be adjusted annually with an indexation percentage.

We would like to ask you to pay your lawyer’s bill within 14 days of the invoice date. If payment is not made on time, we are entitled to (temporarily) suspend the work. If you are unable to pay the invoice within the set period of time, please let us know. If there is sufficient reason for this, further arrangements may be made at the lawyer’s discretion. These will be recorded in writing.

Law & More is not affiliated with the Legal Aid Board. That is why Law & More does not offer subsidized legal aid. If you would like to receive subsidized legal aid (“an addition”), we recommend that you contact another law firm.

Identification Obligation

In our function as a law firm and tax consultancy based in the Netherlands, we are obliged to comply with Dutch and European anti-money laundering and fraud legislation (WWFT), which requires on us the obligation to obtain clear evidence of our client’s identity, before we can provide services and start a contractual relationship. Therefore, an extract from the Chamber of Commerce and/or verification of a copy or a valid proof of identity may be requested in this context. You can read more about this on KYC Obligations.


General Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to our services. These general terms and coditions will be sent to you together with the assignment agreement. You can also find them at General Conditions.

Procedure for Complaints

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our clients. Our firm will do everything in its power to provide you with the best possible service. Should you nevertheless be dissatisfied with a particular aspect of our services, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible and discuss it with your lawyer. In consultation with you, we will try to find a solution to the problem that has arisen. We will always confirm this solution to you in writing. In case it is not possible to come to a solution together, our office also has an office complaints procedure. You can find moreover about this procedure at Office Complaints Procedure.

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