KYC Obligations

Being a legal & tax law firm established in The Netherlands, we are obliged to comply with the Dutch and EU anti money laundering laws and regulations which impose on us compliance rules to obtain clear evidence of our client’s identity before we commence our service provision and our business relationship.

The following outline pictures what information we require in most cases and the format in which this information has to be supplied to us. Should you, at any stage, need further guidance, we will gladly assist you in this preliminary process.

Your identity

 We always require an original certified true copy of a document, which evidences your name and which evidences your address. We are not able to accept scanned copies. In case you physically appear in our office we can identify you and make a copy of the documents for our files.

  • Valid signed passport (notarized and provided with an apostille);
  • European identity card;

Your address

One of the following originals or certified true copies (no more than 3 months old):

  • An official certificate of residence;
  • A recent bill for gas, electricity, home telephone or other utility;
  • A current local tax statement;
  • A statement from a bank or a financial institution.

Letter of reference

In many case we will require a letter of reference issued by a professional service provider who or which has known the individual for at least one year (e.g. notary, lawyer chartered accountant or a bank), which states that the individual is considered to be a reputable person who is not expected to be involved in trafficking in illicit drugs, organized criminal activity or terrorism.

Business background

To comply with the imposed compliance requirements in many cases we will have to establish your present business background. This information needs to be supported by evidencing documents, data and reliable sources of information, such as for instance:

  • Summary outline;
  • Recent extract from commercial registry;
  • Commercial brochures and website;
  • Annual reports;
  • News articles;
  • Board appointment.

Confirming your original source of wealth and funds

One of the most important compliance requirements we have to meet is to also establish the original source of the money you use to fund a Company/Entity/Foundation.

Additional Documentation (if a Company / Entity / Foundation is involved)

Depending on the type of services you require, the structure on which you desire advice and the structure you want us to set up, you will have to provide additional documentation.

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