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Energy Law

In principle, energy law is important when energy is bought, supplied or generated. Energy suppliers as well as companies and private individuals therefore play a role in this. Law & More’s lawyers keep a close eye on all developments in energy law, including new developments in the field of the generation of sustainable energy.

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Our experts have a broad orientation, as they focus on all forms of energy. So, oil, natural gas, electricity, biomass and wind and solar energy. Because of this broad orientation, our clients are suppliers and producers as well as consumers, investors and suppliers of materials and services. Finally, we also work in the field of utility supplies to industrial sites, covering products such as steam and demineralised water. So, do you need a specialist in the field of energy law? Law & More offers you the following services from both Eindhoven and Amsterdam:

  • Drawing up heat and energy contracts;
  • Offering advice with regard to the purchase and sale of energy;
  • Providing advice with regard to compliance with energy legislation and energy agreements;
  • Providing advice with regard to drawing up a sustainable energy policy;
  • Drawing up energy efficiency plans;
  • Applying for permits and exemptions;
  • Providing advice on emissions trading and certificate trading.

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Our expertise in energy law

Solar energy

Solar energy

We focus on energy law that focuses on wind and solar energy.

Both Dutch and European laws apply to environmental law. Let us inform and advise you.

Are you looking for a specialist on emissions trading? We are happy to help you further!

Energy producer

Energy producer

Our corporate lawyers can assess agreements and give advice on them.

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The new energy legislation

Energy law plays an important role in today’s society, as we can no longer do without electricity, light and heat. Most of the energy is still generated by fossil fuels such as oil and gas, but these fuels are bad for the environment and, in addition, they are running out. To ensure that we do not run out of energy and to improve the environment, we are now going to use alternative energy sources such as water, wind, sunlight and biogas. These energy sources are the future, because they are not harmful to the environment and they are also inexhaustible.

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Our Energy lawyers are ready to assist you:

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In order to ensure that a future-proof energy and climate policy is pursued, the Netherlands has concluded the Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth. The aim of this agreement is to have the Netherlands run entirely on sustainable energy by 2050. The Energy Agreement contains various objectives for companies that require them to save energy. In addition, the Dutch government has entered into long-term agreements with a large number of sectors to monitor the improvement of energy efficiency. The companies that are part of these agreements will have several advantages: they will benefit from cost savings, multiple process innovations and a sustainable image. But there are also several obligations associated with the multi-year agreements. These agreements are complicated and large numbers of rules are drawn up. Is your company also affected by the new regulations? The right legal support is important, so that you know where you stand. Please contact Law & More and we will be happy to help you.

Legislation in the field of energy suppliers

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Do you have to deal with the purchase or sale of energy? Then you know that you can buy electricity both over-the-counter and via the stock exchange. Since with the over-the-counter method one of the parties can go bankrupt, legal support is very important. It is also important that clear agreements are made so that the other party meets its obligations and the supplier does not suffer any losses. Law & More offers support in these activities so that you are not faced with any surprises.

In many cases, the supply of electricity and gas takes place via an electricity or gas network. Persons or companies that supply energy to other consumers are obliged to appoint a network operator. However, there are exceptions to this rule: if, for example, you use a closed distribution system or a direct line, the obligation to appoint a network operator does not apply. A closed distribution system is a business network that is geographically limited and can only have a certain number of customers. Owners of a closed distribution system can apply for an exemption from the obligation to designate a network operator. A direct line exists when an electricity line or gas pipeline connects an energy producer directly to a user of energy. A direct line is not part of a network, so there is no obligation to appoint a network operator in this case.

If you are part of an energy supplier, it is important for you to determine whether there is a closed distribution system or a direct line. This is because different rights and obligations play a role in both forms of supply. However, there are other aspects that you need to take into account. For example, energy suppliers may need a licence to supply gas and electricity to small consumers. In addition, energy suppliers must also take into account the regulations from the Heat Act, which in turn affects the conclusion of heat contracts.

Do you have any questions or uncertainties about energy law for energy suppliers? Then call in the experts of Law & More. We offer legal support to companies and consumers dealing with gas and electricity. Whether you are applying for a licence, drawing up an energy contract or taking part in an energy trade fair, our specialists are at your service.

Emissions trading and certificate trading

As a company, do you have to deal with emissions trading or certificate trading? You have to calculate how much CO2 you emit each year, so that you get an appropriate amount of emission rights. If it is the case that you emit more, because the purchase of your product has been increased, you will need extra emission rights. If you need more large amounts of electricity, you can participate in the certificate trade. In both cases, Law & More’s lawyers will come in handy for you. Our specialists focus on emissions trading and certificate trading and know how to help you if you experience problems with this. So, do you have any questions about emission rights? Do you want to apply for an emission permit? Or do you need advice on emissions trading or certificate trading? Please contact the lawyers at Law & More.

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