There are many situations in which criminal law plays a part in our lives. That is why we often encounter it by accident. For example, you can think of the situation in which you had one drink too many and decided to drive. If you get arrested after an alcohol check you have a problem. In that case you can be fined or even get a summons.


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There are many situations in which criminal law plays a part in our lives. That is why we often encounter it by accident. For example, you can think of the situation in which you had one drink too many and decided to drive. If you get arrested after an alcohol check you have a problem. In that case you can be fined or even get a summons. Another common situation is that due to ignorance or carelessness, passenger bags contain prohibited articles that are taken from vacation, goods or funds that are indicated incorrectly. Regardless of the reason, the consequences of these acts can be serious, and the criminal fines can go up till the amount of EUR 8,200.

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As an entrepreneur or director of a company you may also encounter criminal law as a result of your business position. This may be the case, after verification by competent authorities, your company is suspected of fraud or unusual transactions. Also, participation in the business world may unknowingly lead to an economic violation or violation of environmental legislation that may apply to your business. Such actions can have serious consequences for your company and lead to very high fines. Do you find yourself in this sort of situation or do you need more information? Please do not hesitate to contact the criminal lawyers of Law & More.

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Traffic criminal law

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Corporate criminal law

Corporate criminal law

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Victim of the criminal law

It can also happen that you are confronted with criminal law from the ‘victim’ perspective. These days we make more purchases through the internet. Usually it all goes well and you get what you ordered. Unfortunately, sometimes it goes wrong: you have paid a lot of money for certain things such as a telephone or laptop, but the seller has never delivered the goods and is not intending to do so. After all, if you want to inform where your belongings are, the seller is nowhere to be found. In that case you may be a victim of criminal scams.

In circumstances in which you accidentally encounter criminal law, it is advisable to contact an expert lawyer at Law & More. Every event in the context of criminal law can be drastic and the actions in the criminal proceedings can follow each other quickly. At Law & More we understand that criminal law acts can have a major impact on your life and that is why we focus on solving the client’s problem quickly and efficiently. The criminal lawyers at Law & More are happy to offer you legal support in the areas of:

• Traffic criminal law;
• Fraud;
• Corporate criminal law;
• Scam.

Traffic criminal law

As a driver of a vehicle you must retain from dangerous behaviour. Such behaviour is often the case when there is consumption of alcohol in traffic. People regularly get behind the wheel of the car after they drank too much. Are you being arrested after an alcohol check or are you receiving a penalty or summons? Then it is wise to provide yourself with an expert lawyer. After all, driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable by severe penalties that can run up to three months in prison or a fine of EUR 8,300 and you may even get a driving suspension. However, it is possible that during the interrogations or during the alcohol check the rules are being violated by the police and the judicial authorities. It may even be the case that the alcohol test does not provide valid proof and it can resolve to absolution. In some cases, the fine or driving suspension does not apply. Law & More has expert lawyers in the field of traffic criminal law who are happy to provide you with advice or assist you in the proceedings. You can find more information about the dangerous behaviour in traffic and drunk driving on our traffic website.


When you travel to the Netherlands, you pass customs. At that time, you are not allowed to carry prohibited goods. If that is not the case or if the customs authorities find prohibited goods as a result of your ignorance or inattention, a criminal sanction can follow. The country of origin or your nationality has no influence on this matter. The most likely and common sanction is a fine. If you have received a fine and you do not agree, you can object to this at the Dutch Public Prosecution Service within two weeks. If you pay the fine immediately, you also make a debt acknowledgment. This is why it is important to first consult a lawyer about your situation. Our team of lawyers obtain an expert knowledge and can advise and guide you in any proceedings. Do you need help or do you have any other questions? Please contact Law & More. You can find more information about the risks and consequences of taking prohibited goods in our blog: ‘The Dutch Customs’.

Criminal law imageCorporate Criminal Law

Nowadays, companies are increasingly confronted with criminal law. For instance, it may happen that your company is suspected of making incorrect tax returns or of violating environmental regulations. Such matters are complex and can lead to far-reaching consequences, both personal and business. In this kind of situation, it is important to consult a lawyer quickly. An expert lawyer will not only point out your duties, such as the duty to provide information to the tax authorities, but also ensure that the rights that you (as a company) have, such as the right to remain silent, are not violated. Are you dealing with criminal law as a company and do you want advice or legal assistance in your situation? You can count on Law & More. Our specialists have a professional approach and know how they can help you further.


Under certain circumstances you may feel scammed, for example when you have bought goods on the internet, paid a lot of money for it and never received it, without legal characteristics of a criminal scam. To be able to say that a scam is criminal in the legal sense, there must be untruths or lies that the seller uses to sell something. Scam is legally described as moving another person to deliver money and goods, without the intention to deliver anything in return. Curious what we can do for you? Contact our lawyers. Law & More’s lawyers have a personal approach and can assess your situation and your options.

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