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As an entrepreneur, you have a lot to do. This already starts with the establishment of your company: how will you structure your company, and which legal form is suitable? Consideration must be given to share ownership, liability and decision-making. Proper contracts must also be concluded. Do you already have an established company? In that case, too, you will undoubtedly have to deal with corporate law. After all, legal aspects always play an important role within the company. A lot can change within your company over the years. For example, circumstances for or within your company may require a different legal form for your company. In addition, you may have to deal with disputes between shareholders or partners within your company. In addition, mergers or acquisitions with other companies also occur regularly. Which legal form do you choose and how do you best resolve disputes at a legal level? For example, should contracts be terminated or new contracts concluded?

With all your questions in the field of corporate law, you have come to the right place with a corporate lawyer from Law & More. At Law & More we understand that as an entrepreneur you want to be involved in entrepreneurship and developing ideas and not with legal matters. A corporate lawyer from Law & More can take care of the legal affairs within your company, so that you can focus on what you love to do: running your own business. Law & More’s lawyers are experts in the field of corporate law and can provide you with legal advice from the moment of incorporation until the moment of liquidation of your company. We translate the law into practical terms, so that you really benefit from our advice. If necessary, our lawyers will also be happy to assist you and your company in any proceedings. In short, Law & More can assist you legally with the following matters:

• establishment of a company;
• financing;
• cooperation between companies;
• mergers and acquisitions;
• negotiate and litigate in disputes between shareholders and/or partners.

Are you involved with corporate law? Please contact Law & More, our lawyers will be happy to assist you!

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Notice of default

Is someone not meeting their agreements? We can send reminders and litigate

Due dilligence

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Shareholder agreement

Would you like to make separate rules for your shareholders in addition to your articles of association? Ask us for legal assistance

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Step-by-step plan for corporate law attorney

The corporate law attorneys at Law & More use the following method:

1. Acquaintance. Curious about what Law & More can do for you and your company? Please contact Law & More. You can get acquainted with and submit your question to our lawyers by telephone or e-mail. If desired, they will schedule an appointment for you at the Law & More office.

2. Discuss the step-by-step plan. During the appointment at the office, we will get to know you further, we will discuss the background of your question and what the possible solutions are in the legal matter of your company. The lawyers of Law & More also indicate what they can do for you in concrete terms and what your possible next steps can be.

3. Carry out the step-by-step plan. When you instruct Law & More to represent your interests, our lawyers will draw up a contract for services. This agreement describes the arrangements they have previously discussed with you. Your assignment will usually be carried out by the lawyer you have had contact with.

4. Handling case. The way in which your case is handled depends on your legal question, which may relate to, for example, drawing up advice, assessing a contract, or conducting legal proceedings. At Law & More, we understand that every client and his or her business is different. That is why we use a personal approach. Our lawyers always strive to resolve any legal matter quickly.

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Starting a business

If you want to start your own business, you must choose a legal form for your company. You can opt for a legal form with or without legal personality. This choice determines the legal structure of your company.

Corporate law lawyer helps determine legal form

If you opt for a legal form with legal personality, your company can participate independently in legal transactions, just like a natural person can. Your company can then conclude agreements as such, have assets and debts and be held liable.

Examples of legal entities with legal personality are:

• the private limited company (B.V.)
• the public limited company (N.V.)
• the foundation
• the union
• the cooperative

The B.V. and the N.V. are often used for a company with a commercial purpose. If your company has a more idealistic goal, it may be an option to set up a foundation and link a company to it. At a B.V. or a N.V., it is necessary to attract shareholders. However, it is also possible that you yourself become (sole) shareholder of the company. You can also read more about the aforementioned legal forms in our blog ‘Which legal form do I choose for my company?’.

When there is a relationship with shareholders, it is of great importance that this relationship is properly recorded. It is wise to have a shareholders’ agreement drawn up for this. Law & More’s corporate lawyers can help you draft or assess a shareholders’ agreement.

Corporate law attorney assists in registering a company

However, it is also possible to opt for a legal form without legal personality, such as a general partnership or a partnership. With these legal forms it is important that good agreements are made between the partners or partners, which are laid down in a partnership agreement, for example. The choice of a legal form has a direct influence on matters such as financing and liability. If you opt for a legal form without legal personality, your company cannot participate in legal transactions independently and you are, for example, liable with your private assets for the debts that your company incurs.

Examples of legal forms without legal personality are:

• the sole proprietorship
• the general partnership (VOF)
• the limited partnership (CV)
• the partnership

You can read exactly what these legal entities entail and what the advantages and disadvantages are in our blog ‘Which legal form do I choose for my company?’.

Law & More’s corporate lawyers can help you choose the right legal form. Law & More’s corporate lawyers will work with you to determine which legal form is most suitable for your company. When the desired legal structure has been clearly mapped out, the company must be established and registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Law & More coordinates this process for you.

Contract law within corporate law

Once the company has been established and set up, you can start to carry out your business activities. However, you will notice that legal aspects also play a major role here. For example, before entering into relationships with customers, you may be required to provide confidential information. In that case, it is advisable to draw up a non-disclosure agreement. It is then important to record all agreements with customers or suppliers in an agreement. Drawing up general terms and conditions can contribute to this. The corporate law attorneys at Law & More can draw up and assess contracts and general terms and conditions for you, so that you are not faced with any surprises.

Even if everything in the legal field is properly arranged within your company, there is unfortunately still the possibility that the counterparty does not want to cooperate or does not comply with its agreements. In order not to damage the relationship with customers or suppliers, it is recommended to first come to an amicable solution. A Law & More lawyers can assist you in this process. However, if it is not possible to resolve a dispute, legal action may need to be taken. Law & More has extensive experience in conducting legal proceedings in corporate law and does everything it can to achieve an optimal result for you.

In the field of contracts in the context of corporate law, you can contact Law & More with questions about:

• drafting and assessing contracts;
• terminating contracts;
• drafting a written notice of default in the event of non-compliance with a contract;
• resolving disputes arising from the conclusion of a contract;
• negotiating the content of contracts.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Are you planning to merge your company with another company, for example because you want to grow your company? Then there are three ways companies can merge:

• the company merger
• the stock merger
• the legal merger

Which merger is most suitable for your company depends on your specific situation. A corporate law attorney or a corporate law attorney from Law & More can advise you on this.


It is of course also possible that another company is interested in your company and that you are offered to sell your company to another company. Are you positive about the takeover and are you considering a business transfer? We can support you in negotiating as well as providing advice in advance. If not, it could be a hostile takeover. We speak of a hostile takeover if a company does not cooperate in the sale of its shares and another company, i.e., the acquirer, turns to the shareholders themselves. We know how your company can be protected against this and can therefore also provide you with legal assistance in this case.

Due diligence

In addition, Law & More can assist you if you intend to take over a company. When you buy another company as a company, it is essential that you carry out due diligence. You want all the information you need to make a well-informed decision about a merger or acquisition. Would you like to know more about this? Law & More’s corporate lawyers are at your service.

Collaborate with another company

As a company, do you intend to collaborate with other companies in order to maintain your position in the market? Or are you planning to enter a new market? If you want to form a strategic alliance, we can advise you on the risks and benefits. In addition, we can look with you at which forms of cooperation are appropriate. Would you like to know more about this? Please contact the corporate law attorneys at Law & More.


What is corporate law?
Corporate law is a field of law that deals with the law of legal entities and is part of Dutch private law. Corporate law is further subdivided into legal person law and company law. Company law is a lot more limited than the law of legal entities and only applies to the following legal forms: private limited companies (B.V.) and public limited companies (N.V.). Legal entity law concerns all legal forms, including a B.V. and an N.V. Law & More’s corporate lawyers can help you choose the right legal form. Law & More’s corporate lawyers will work with you to determine which legal form is most suitable for your company. In addition, Law & More can assist you with:

• establishment of a company;
• financing;
• cooperation between companies;
• mergers and acquisitions;
• negotiate and litigate in disputes between shareholders and/or partners;
• drafting and assessing contracts and general terms and conditions.
When to hire a corporate law attorney?
Are you an entrepreneur who is confronted with a legal problem and would you like to see it resolved? Then it is wise to engage a corporate law attorney. Any legal issue can have a major financial, material or immaterial impact on your company. At Law & More, we understand that any legal issue is one too many. That is why Law & More offers you, in addition to extensive and specific legal knowledge, a fast service and a personal approach. For example, our lawyers are experts in the field of corporate law. And when it comes to companies, Law & More represents entrepreneurs in various sectors, such as industry, transport, agriculture, healthcare and retail.

Would you like to know what Law & More can do for you as a law firm in Eindhoven? Please contact Law & More, our lawyers will be happy to help you. You can make an appointment:

• by phone: 040-3690680 or 020-3697121
• by e-mail:
• via the Law & More page:
What is third party effects?
Usually, an agreement only has consequences for the parties. Third parties that are not party to that agreement cannot, in principle, derive any rights and obligations from it. Under certain circumstances, agreements and the stipulations agreed therein can also have consequences for third parties, also referred to as third-party effects. Two requirements apply to the third-party effect of a clause in an agreement:

1. the contract contains a clause to the effect that a third party can demand performance from one of the parties to the contract or otherwise invoke the contract against one of them and
2. a third party has accepted the clause by means of a statement addressed to one of the other two parties involved.

When the above requirements are met, the parties to the agreement can invoke the provisions agreed therein against this third party or vice versa. Third-party effect of agreements is a doctrine that is closely linked to corporate law. After all, contract law is a large part of corporate law. Do you have questions about third-party effects? Please contact Law & More. Our corporate law lawyers will be happy to assist you.
What to do in case of shareholder disputes?
Within the private limited company (B.V.) and the public limited liability companies (N.V.), the highest power lies with the shareholders (AvA) of the company. This means that the important decisions, at least within the company, are usually taken by the shareholders (AvA). As an entrepreneur you cannot use disputes between the shareholders within your company. We understand that at Law & More. That is why we briefly explain a number of ways to deal with and resolve shareholder disputes:

• Mediation. Entering into a discussion with the shareholders within your company is usually the first step. Perhaps a difference of opinion between the shareholders can be resolved in a simple manner so that you can quickly resume the normal course of business within your company. This is of course also possible under the guidance of an independent and impartial mediator. Mediation is often faster and cheaper than starting a lawsuit. You can also find more information about mediation on our page:

• Legal dispute settlement. It is possible that your company’s articles of association or the shareholders’ agreement as such already provide for a settlement in the event of shareholder disputes. In that case, it is wise to implement such a dispute settlement procedure. If the articles of association or the shareholders’ agreement do not contain a dispute settlement scheme, you can still follow the statutory dispute settlement scheme. A distinction is made here between the possibility of expulsion or disengagement. For both options, you must convince the judge with evidence of the need for expulsion or disengagement. Would you like to know what these options mean and whether you can use them in your case? Please contact Law & More. Our lawyers are happy to provide you with advice.

• Survey procedure. The purpose of this procedure, which is followed in the Enterprise Chamber at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, is to restore good relations within the company, including between the shareholders. The Enterprise Section may be requested to investigate the company and to request an immediate measure, for example the (temporary) suspension of decisions. The investigation and its outcome are recorded in a report. If it is established that there has been mismanagement, the Enterprise Section will have far-reaching powers, so that in that case you can even request the dissolution of the company.

Would you like to know the best way to resolve a shareholder dispute within your company? Please contact the corporate lawyers of Law & More. Our lawyers are happy to provide you with advice and, if necessary, also guide your company through a mediation process.

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