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Do you want to establish an enterprise? Or are you an entrepreneur already? If so, then you will undoubtedly have to deal with business law. Already at the moment of the establishment of an enterprise you will have to cope with the question which company form is most suitable. Also, all kinds of agreements have to be drafted. Over the years a lot can change inside the company too. The company form might not be suitable anymore. Conflicts may arise between shareholders or between associates. Or maybe your enterprise does not possess enough liquid assets anymore. Law & More is a specialist on the area of the Dutch business law. From the moment of establishment until the moment of the liquidation of the company, we can provide you with legal and fiscal advice.

Legal persons law

We at Law & More can help you with choosing the correct company form. Distinction can be made between forms with legal personality and forms without legal personality. If an enterprise possesses legal personality, it can participate in legal transactions just like natural persons. In that case your company is able to conclude agreements, have possessions and debts and can be held liable.

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Corporation Governance

When you want to run a corporation, you need to choose a company form. Which legal form is suitable depends on various factors, such as the requirements for incorporation, legal personality, joint and several liability and possibly the transferability of shares. And what if one of the partners of a general partnership (VOF) wants to leave the company? And what about the Flex-BV? These subjects are governed by company law. Many things can be arranged contractually in advance. That is why it is advisable to involve the services of a corporate lawyer before setting up the company.


Are you, as a company, intend to collaborate with other companies with the purpose of keeping your market position? Or, on the contrary, with the plan to enter a new market? If you want to constitute a strategic alliance we can advise you about the risks and benefits. Furthermore, we can, together, find out what forms of cooperation are appropriate.

Mergers and acquisitions

Are you intended to merge your company with another, because you want to stimulate growth for example? Then there are three type of mergers: company merger, stock merger and legal merger. Which is most suitable for your company depends on the specific situation. Law & More attorneys can advise you about this subject.

Sometimes another company might be interested in yours. It can offer you to sell your business to him. If you aim to accept this request, then we can provide you with advise beforehand. We can also negotiate for you.

If a company does not want their shares to be sold and the transferee approaches the shareholders, we speak of a hostile take-over. We know how to protect your company in situations like that and can assist you with legal advice.

Besides, it is essential that you carry out a due diligence, especially if you as a company are buying another company. You want all the information necessary to make a thought-out choice about a merger or acquisition.

The corporate lawyers of Law & More will give you an insightful legal consultation about your company. We translate the law into practical terms, so that you can really benefit from our advice. In short, Law & More can provide you with legal assistance in the following matters:

• establishment of a company
• finance
• co-operation between companies
• mergers and acquisitions
• negotiating and litigating when it comes to conflicts between shareholders and/or associates
• directors liability

No-nonsense mentality

We like creative thinking and look beyond the legal aspects of a situation. It is all about getting to the core of the problem and tackling it in a determined matter. Because of our no-nonsense mentality and years of experience our clients can count on personal and efficient legal support.

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